what others are saying about samm

"Samm brought so much to the table. We covered more in one session than I thought possible. Working with her helped break down a new business concept that I couldn't seem to actualize. Samm and I devised a way to break my goals into smaller, actionable items that could successfully advance my objectives. This was no small task.  Having other successful businesses, I thought I knew "the ropes", what I learned was that when you work with other success oriented professionals who have a deep breadth of experience they know things that can give you a jump start. With her advice and expertise, we talked through challenges and concerns that I had. She also showed me how to celebrate what I was accomplishing by acknowledging my big ideas and how to shape my plan around what I had already done. She has a shared passion for business and helping you bring your ideas to life! I would definitely recommend her!"    

- Raquel Lozano, CEO of A Happy and Fulfilled Life

“As someone who has spent hundreds of dollars and invested countless hours in coaching with little to show for it, when I met Samm, I was cynical. Jaded. Skeptical. I had consistently asked for practical, hands-on activities that I could integrate into my daily routine that would help me achieve my goals. In my years as a client, many people did not deliver. I hoped Samm would be any different when I asked for the same thing. In the space of 90 minutes, she was able to grasp where I was coming from, focus on a goal for our time together, and give me a few practical hands-on tools that I could use: in other words, exactly what I had asked for of so many people before her. I left the session feeling satisfied. Her passion for helping others is palpable. I would highly recommend her.”

- Alisa Tanaka


"Samm gave me more than I thought was possible after an hour of connecting with her! After our chat, I felt really empowered. My previous roadblocks seemed really manageable and as a result: I have a list full of action items that I put on my calendar immediately. Sometimes, all it takes is someone outside of yourself to relate to you and make a difference, and Samm was that person for me."

- Melina Moreno, Facebook Advertising and Strategic Social Media Consultant 

"Samm, Thank you soooo much!  When we first spoke I was feeling confused and unsure. I was impressed with out conversation and now feel very reassured on where I am going! You helped guide me to be more clear on my own wants and thoughts. Would definitely recommend Samm!"

- Katie W.

"Fabulous and focused kick off biz coaching session with Samm Murphy the other day.  Samm dives right in, sees right in, and wastes no time. She also paces with you. With Samm's support, we swiftly opened a big, invigorating, highly available door with such ease. It was so simple with her help. For those of us making magic and creating dreams from scratch, I feel it's almost *essential* to continually unpack and put it all under the microscope with energized support. If you're a woman looking for focused and intuitive next level coaching support for your dreams, in your business, and in your life, Samm is so wonderfully supportive."

- Whitney Kear

"My session with Samm was amazing. I was feeling really stuck and overwhelmed. After our time together I had a plan with actionable items to start to make changes. I left our session feeling great! I can’t believe what a difference a session made! She really put things in perspective! She helped me soooo much! I would highly recommend her!"
- Chelsea Jo Mclees

"When I came to Samm for advice, I was overwhelmed and feeling lost. I felt so much pressure and responsibility as a pregnant Mother, full-time employee, female entrepreneur, and wife. I didn’t have time for myself and was completely stressed out. Samm listened and related her experience with my story. She encouraged me to take action and we devised a plan. She logically walked me through identifying the causes of my stress. It helped BIG TIME! Having an outside voice to help me get clear on my priorities, provide me with step by step guidance and exercises greatly helped me get back on track and feel better. Thanks Samm!"

- Xin Chen Hamilton, Co- Founder & COO at Abroadeasy, Sr. Marketing Manager of Digital                       Marketing at Coolpad and Mom 

"Talking & receiving my coaching call with Samm was truly inspiring and more than I envisioned for my coaching session. The encouragement & belief of having another strong & smart business one believing in me & my ideas really gave me the push of what I needed to do. She really listened to what I was struggling with and gave me actionable goals; on where to start & timetables too. I really loved how she was an advocate for affirmations (but with action of course) & programming your mindset for success. I feel motivated to keep grinding along with my goals, even at times of overwhelm. She also was flexible with her timing, which was a huge plus as my life isn't always a predictable schedule."

- Emily Yarush, Owner & Curator -THE GIVING CRATE

"Samm’s positive energy is contagious!  She is so relatable, genuine and really wants to see other women thrive.  I was feeling very anxious recently with so much change going on in my life, and she really helped me to let go of my own sense of urgency I was putting on my self to have everything always done immediately and perfectly.  I would recommend Samm to anyone who needs more clarity, boost in self confidence and/or overcoming fears, she walks the walk!"

- Dawn I.

“Samm has a special gift for being able to help you identify what’s holding you back and how to get out of your own way to have the success you’re looking for!  She encouraged me to push past my comfort zone and helped me  achieve what I really want, in both life and business. She is incredibly supportive, gentle and compassionate, yet firm (when you need it). When things get tough, I am discouraged and can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, she is brilliant to remind me WHY I am working towards these things and the fear and overwhelm seem to melt away. She delivers practical, actionable steps for me to implement and I finish every session feeling pumped up and ready to take on the world! I love speaking with her! Working with Samm is a no brainer! Jump on the opportunity!"

- Sarah Kate, CEO and Founder of Hébé Healthy Hair

"I was feeling stuck and disempowered with certain aspects of my life, but after working with Samm, I was able to release a lot of the negative beliefs that were holding me back. I gained confidence, clarity and tools to propel me forward and achieve my goals. I can’t recommend Samm enough! She is so effective! She makes you feel powerful and at ease in her presence. If you have a chance to work with her do it!!!" 

-Alix Tingle, Chief Operating Officer at Game Changers International

“To say my life took a few unexpected turns would be an understatement. I got a call that shattered my “perfectly planned” life to pieces. The reason I returned to ambition after feeling I had no control over anything and had become a person who no longer took productive action, is because of Samm Murphy. To say, “Samm is my hero” just doesn't cut it. Samm is one of those people, who finds the parts of you, you didn’t know were left  and who will then help you pick up all those pieces, and put yourself back together again. She’s an amazing coach and an even more amazing human! If you have the chance, work with her!"

- Courtney Gillenwater MD, Doctor of Pediatrics

“Samm literally CHANGED MY LIFE! She helped me realize I was fully capable and gain the confidence to launch my program! So, I DID and it’s going AMAZING!!! I am so grateful, she’s WONDERFUL, I absolutely recommend!”

- Carly Gross, Mind-Body Nutrition and Self-Care Coach