Want to feel great everyday? Celebrate your wins and accomplishments!

Are you celebrating yourself?!? Or are you being WAY TOO hard on yourself?! Celebrating your successes and acknowledging your accomplishments is one fast track way to feeling awesome everyday!

Samm Murphy talks about how we can overlook our successes and be so hard on ourselves. Stop and take a moment to celebrate your greatness! Get realistic and REMEMBER HOW AWESOME YOU ARE!!!!!
And no accomplishment is small to celebrate!

Is Perfection Killing Your Game? - Transformation Tuesday in 10

What is Transformation Tuesday in 10? It is valuable, bite size, transformational tid bits that will be delivered in 10 minutes or less! When I 1st started on my self improvement journey, I would get overwhelmed at the thought of doing a whole seminar, watching a whole video, reading a whole book...but I really wanted to gain access to the information contained in these items, so I will be bringing pieces from all these facets to you on Tuesday's in 10. 

Done is better than perfect! Where in your life is the pursuit of perfection slowing you down or keeping you from doing something you have wanted to achieve? Maybe you haven't put whatever you have  been working to create out there because you want to edit it one more time, maybe your projects at work take you twice as long because of how much you edit them, maybe you have been waiting for the "perfect" moment to have a conversation with someone....done is better than perfect! We can all learn as we go, reiterate, upgrade, make changes where we need to, so don't let the pursuit of perfection hold you back! 

Let me know where perfection has slowed you down in your life and what topics you'd like to hear about! 

Are you pretending to be something you're not?

In the spirit of Halloween, I ask you to get curious about whether or not you are being true to yourself and living for you and what you truly want! Let me know your thoughts! xo Celebrating you!