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Be Unstoppable


Be Unstoppable

HELLO rockstar!

I’m Samm Murphy! AKA YOUR SECRET WEAPON IN LIFE AND BIZ! I'm just a girl from a small town, who believed in her dreams. I'm now a highly sought after success strategist and speaker, living a life that turns me on. I'm real, funny and I believe in obtaining personal growth, achieving dreams, shedding bullshit and having fun while doing it!

I'm on a mission to empower people like you, to achieve their greatness on a global scale! 

You can have it all!

believe me, when I tell you, you can feel amazing every day, love what you do and be yourself!

But don't get ahead of yourself, this wasn't always my reality...oh no!

Fear, rejection and criticism kept me stuck.

I had a great job, great friends and traveled the world! I was successful by many people's standard but I felt nothing....then to make it worse I felt guilty for wanting more. Somewhere along the way, I lost myself...I partied and looked for satisfaction and fulfillment outside myself.

I wasn't living for me. i was living for others.



You can have anything you want!

You can have anything you want!

I always knew I was meant for big things I just kept thinking eventually i'd figure it out and make it happen

My journey has ranged from feeling on top of the world, to secretly crying in bed and partying to numb my discontent.

I spent my life living for others; doing what I thought I should, what would make people respect me, and make my parents proud.

But guess what? It gave me anxiety, depression and overwhelm. I woke dreading the day, every day and to top it off, feeling guilty about wanting something more.

Fear held me back from creating the life I desired.

I kept stumbling through life on a safe loop. I had a good, respectable job and was successful, but I felt stuck.

I would have moments of wild confidence, bravery and pure genius. 

But I couldn’t figure out how to stay on this upswing, maintain the momentum, and actually enjoy it all.

I now know how!

I had bouts of depression, an eating disorder, and self-esteem that mostly lived in the gutter.

The craziest part is I didn’t even realize I had depression. I thought depression was reserved to the commercials you see on TV and mine wasn’t like that. I thought waking up not excited about the day was just part of adult life (let me tell you….it’s not).

You would have thought I was the most confident and happy person you knew, because I was great at putting on a show and doing what I felt I needed to. 

My life looked great, but I wasn’t content or fulfilled.

I began chasing happiness everywhere outside of myself, to make this feeling go away. I thought that when I had the next thing (the perfect man, better job, more money), I would be satisfied.

Do you ever feel this way? Do you ever find yourself saying “I’ll be happy when…..?” 

IF I can change this, so can you!

I realized I was denying myself of what I wanted to be doing, and this was creating massive discontent for me. Thinking about saying I wanted to do something other than my “safe” medical business made me want to puke because I was consumed worrying what other people would think.

Once I increased my confidence and developed a clear plan - I felt free!

I knew what I was going to do, and no one, especially not FEAR, was going to stop me!

It took all the courage I had to leap into what I knew I was meant for - EMPOWERING, MOTIVATING AND INSPIRING PEOPLE TO PURSUE THEIR DREAM LIFE & BE HAPPY - because you can have it all! 

I finally decided I had to STOP WAITING for life to get AWESOME and take control.

When the hell was SOMEDAY coming? After all, no one was going to do it for me! 

I started to work with a coach to catapult my success.  With the changes I made, I went from waking up dreading what was ahead, to feeling inspired and motivated every day, and working towards my dream life.

And YOU CAN TOO with my help!

Now, my new normal jives like this… I wake up anxiety free, enjoy my morning with my boyfriend and son, then spend my days loving what I do- working with incredible people, like you, all around the world!

I have the freedom to work anywhere and live life on my terms. 

And I am finally present and happy in each and every moment. I want this for you!


Don’t delay your success any longer! I am here to show you how to build a life you love!

“To say my life took a few unexpected turns would be an understatement. I got a call that shattered my “perfectly planned” life to pieces. The reason I returned to ambition after feeling I had no control over anything and had become a person who no longer took productive action, is because of Samm Murphy. To say, “Samm is my hero” just doesn't cut it. Samm is one of those people, who finds the parts of you, you didn’t know were left  and who will then help you pick up all those pieces, and put yourself back together again. She’s an amazing coach and an even more amazing human! If you have the chance, work with her!"

- Courtney Gillenwater MD, Doctor of Pediatrics


What's possible? Take a look!

What's possible? Take a look!


I’ve always known I wanted more from life and to do big things, but I wasn’t sure what that was or how to make it happen. I kept saying one day I will….  

If this is you stick with me.  

I want to help you create your dream life because I believe you deserve to wake up every day excited and loving life!

It lights me up to empower and motivate people like you to make this happen!

I graduated college a year early with honors (retrospect, what was I thinking) and took a job that people said was good for me.  A job people would respect and give me security. So I moved to Miami to start my career.

From the moment I started, I knew it wasn’t my calling.

Time passed, I finally grew some balls.

Something had to change.

I decided to pack-up and moved to California. Since junior high, I always wanted to live in Los Angeles. My Dad took me there for a high school graduation present and that sealed the deal. I wanted to be there one day!

I sold my car, tossed my bags on a plane, and found a roommate online (He happened to be a man and a knife dealer! Needless to say, my parents were not thrilled).  

This is that courage I was telling you about.

Those moments when I said, “this is it I’m going for it.”

But those giant leaps toward my dreams were often followed by 5 steps backward.

I moved to California knowing no one and started another medical job.

Once in California, I quickly rose as a top performer in my company, so I left and started my own company as a medical device distributor (again, insert “bravery”).  Why is it that sometimes I trusted myself and my skills, but not enough to pursue something outside of the medical world?

I kept working to squash the voice that was whispering, sometimes even shouting at me, Hellllloooooo in there! What-the-F are you doing? When can we start working towards the life you want?”

For years, I stayed in medical. I was successful by industry standards, and at the observation of my friends and family. It was a “good” job, but I was not completely fulfilled -- I still wanted something that lit me up.

I was a person that appeared to have it all but felt nothing.

I traveled, had amazing friends, family, and was successful. I thought I should've been happy but I wasn’t. I felt empty. In comes the happiness chasing.

I kept telling myself that when I had the next thing, I would be happy, but I was WRONG. 

I went to some extremes to find happiness and feel excitement. I bounced around the world: from dancing in Buenos Aires to climbing Kilimanjaro in Africa. I flew a fighter jet, I jumped out of planes, and I even filmed a reality television show!  But I was living a life in FEAR. Fear of what others would think, fear of letting people down, fear of failing. So I avoided pursuing my dreams because if I didn’t try, I couldn’t FAIL. SO INSTEAD I STAYED STUCK.

I knew I wanted to be doing something else, something I was more passionate about but was too scared to start. I fell into a slump.

Do your friends ever tell you what they are proud of you, or give you a compliment you haven’t realized is true? One of my best friends once told me “I admire that once you decide something you just do it!” I laughed at her and said I was just thinking how much I annoy myself that I don’t take action. I realized I never gave myself any credit for my achievements; I had always just viewed them as the necessary next step. In short, I had ridiculous standards and was extremely hard on myself.

I would punish myself for any failure or shortcoming, and breeze past any success or victory. Can you relate?

Fast forward, I was pregnant and terrified. This unexpected gift was happening with a man I recently started dating. Let me be more clear: we barely knew each other. Without hesitation, I knew I was having this baby (talk about taking scary leaps that are worth it!)  My beautiful son, and amazing boyfriend, are the two of the greatest things to enter my life. ( I mean look at that little guy! ....And my boyfriend is handsome too!)

Many times in my life I didn’t look twice at fear and others it paralyzed me; I moved across the country knowing no one (worth it), I started a medical company twice (not my calling but worth it), I had a surprise pregnancy and knew I would have the baby (waaay worth it).  

So what I needed to figure out was how to harness that courage and bravery and bring it consistently into my life, so I could live every day boldly, working towards what I wanted.

Have you ever experienced this?

Are there times when you have acted quickly and fearlessly? How would it feel always to live in that place? She’s inside you and I’ll teach you how to unleash her!

After my baby was born I realized time is limited, why was I waiting for eventually to jumpstart my dream? I also knew, anxiety and stress had to go…..I wasn’t about to push that shit onto my son and boyfriend.

It was time to get a grip, make changes and take a leap! Time to take everything I had learned over the last decade and put it to use! I wanted to show others what was possible! 

I increased my confidence, stared down fear and got to work!

I felt called to personal development. I knew I was meant to help others achieve their dreams, and live a life they love….so I sacked up, harnessed the confidence, tossed fear aside, leaped and became that person I needed to be!

I have learned so much along my journey of transformation and I want to streamline yours! I don't want it to take you years to get where you want to be! I missed out on a lot of life not being available or present to friends and loved ones or amazing experiences. I don't want that for you!

My life is now better than I could have ever imagined it to be!

I share this with you to show you what’s possible!

I’m a perfect example that it's never too late to make your dreams real! No bothering over what’s sensible or realistic….. those people that tell you that can suck it.

If you have ever wanted more, but feel like you’re lacking the confidence, clarity or support to make those dreams happen? Or maybe you’re not even sure what your calling is ….I’ve been there too!  



We get one shot at life, and the goal is to not have any regrets when we are 80, wishing you had done it differently.  My dreams have come true right before my eyes and yours can too!  


Whether you know what you want and you just need help figuring out how to get there, or you feel completely confused and haven't a clue as to what you want...

You don't have to stay stuck, lost or overwhelmed any longer.

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"Samm gave me more than I thought was possible after an hour of connecting with her! After our chat, I felt really empowered. My previous roadblocks seemed really manageable and as a result: I have a list full of action items that I put on my calendar immediately. Sometimes, all it takes is someone outside of yourself to relate to you and make a difference, and Samm was that person for me."

- Melina Moreno, Facebook Advertising and Strategic Social Medial Consultant 

"Samm, Thank you soooo much!  When we first spoke I was feeling confused and unsure. I was impressed with out conversation and now feel very reassured on where I am going! You helped guide me to be more clear on my own wants and thoughts. Would definitely recommend Samm!"

- Katie W.